Usb Computer Accessories in Ethiopia
Usb Computer Accessories in Ethiopia
Our online computer accessories store sells a wide range of different devices, such as:
You can choose and order computer accessories from leading world brands with a manufacturer’s warranty in our online store. To find out more, call the indicated phones.
Comfortable computer headset with large soft ear pads and an adjustable headband
Comfortable soft ear cushions ensure comfort even during long calls
Large 40mm drivers deliver clear sound
Adjustable headband for wearing comfort
Easy to connect via USB; no need to turn off speakers
Flexible microphone provides clear speech and is great for voice chats
Convenient cable volume control
2m cable for freedom of movement during calls
Suitable for all video chat applications including Teams, Skype and Zoom
With more meetings taking place online, you’ll need a comfortable headset that supports you throughout the day. The Trust Ozo does exactly that. With soft, over-ear pads and an adjustable headband, the Ozo stays comfortable even after long meetings. And thanks to the large 40mm drivers and flexible microphone, you’ll hear your colleagues just as clear as they’ll hear you.
Whether you’re talking to your employer, a co-worker or a friend, it’s important that everyone understands each other. Thanks to the two large drivers of 40mm each, you’ll enjoy crisp stereo sound so you can focus on your reply instead of trying to figure out what they’re trying to say. Because of this, the flexible mic ensures that they’ll hear your response just as clearly.