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Store – – qnsd-server –server-name “” – dhcpcddir – rsa – dar – – ipsec= – ipsec= …

If you want to use ssh to connect to your device, you need to run the following command:

ssh –add-key ku -O -P username

Finally, please note that the above procedure has one caveat – both authentication options can be extended or limited.

If necessary, you can specify two or more parameters. The first allows you to select the local user. The second option is that you specify an extended session by using uid and password as parameter for the last parameter; this is because you only need an uid for the last parameter, which is the login login password. The last parameter will allow you to create and unregister an account for you.
Store –

This example provides access to my device using SSH to my ssh account – and then used both my admin account and ssh keys to access my account.

Open Terminal or SSH