Productivity & Time Management

(Aka How To Get Over Yourself & Get Stuff Done, Wherever You Work From!)

The dream of working online from wherever you choose can sometimes turn into an unexpected nightmare…

With no need to commute to an office and with more time on your hands, it’s easy to fall into the trap of “Oh, I’ve got ALL day and night to get this done; I’ll just have another half an hour scrolling through Instagram”. And then before you know it the day’s gone (as has the night) and you’re into another brand new day ready to start the same cycle again. And again. And again.

If you work remotely for someone else, you may still be ‘lucky’ enough to have someone to check in with, a manager setting your deadlines or a more rigid schedule to stick to – but you still seem to waste hours in the day when you could be working on your own thing, doing something fun or enjoying some refreshing downtime rather than mindless, unconscious procrastination!

We all have our favourite flavour of procrastination. Which is yours?

Planning but not doing…

You LOVE the ideas and planning stage – the brainstorming, the buzz of the back & forth, the anticipation. You’re less enthusiastic about the part when it requires you to actually do something with the plans, post brainstorming. That’s the bit yo’d rather others do, isn’t it?

Not getting started…

You’re bursting with enthusiasm when you think about starting but everything seems to fall apart when it comes to actually getting started. You just can’t seem to get yourself into gear and find all manner of other ‘important’ jobs to do first.

Starting but not finishing…

You start something with gusto but then your enthusiasm fizzles out and you get a different idea, or you decide you want to work on something else instead and you promise yourself you’ll come back to it. And the cycle starts again. And again. And again.

Before you can get over your ‘go to’ procrastination techniques, you first need to know yourself…

If you don’t figure out how to bust through your own procrastination and productivity hurdles, then you are forever going to do yourself a disservice and sabotage the strategies, plans and goals you set for yourself, your career and your business.

And even with a strategy and plan in place, if you don’t get the DOING part of your plan right, it rarely ends where you want it to. It isn’t always disastrous, but why would you leave it to chance?

Where To Start

To help you get started, we’ve got a TOTALLY FREE, 42-page ebook for you to download and read. It’s designed to help you:

  • Identify HOW you currently procrastinate and sabotage your own productivity.
  • Identify your productivity blindspots, and how to manage & overcome them.
  • Figure out how YOU can best get stuff done.
  • How to better manage the major time sucks (i.e. email, phone calls, surfing and other distractions).