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To the surprise of no one, House President Jaycee Cullors (D-MT) and top congressional leadership were able to convince the president to offer a bipartisan, three-year package of new health care restrictions this summer (July 31, 2018). Forcing Obamacare participants to choose the private option would have kept premiums higher and helped to save the nation from possible cuts to the program. But this was a blow to the GOP-run Senate Health Committee that had been pushing the legislation, which the president supported in his final days in office. The group successfully pushed to extend the Obama health care law across an entire generation, to prevent individuals who gained insurance coverage from having their health insurer fail to perform.

As an aside, in a 2013 survey of 6,500 people in more than 140 states, only 18 percent of those in the states that approved the legislation told pollsters it would negatively affect their health insurance coverage (Ferguson & Visser, 2010). Moreover, some of those responses in states with the most Republican legislatures had similar findings, suggesting that a significant number of consumers would benefit to avoid being cut off from the “Obamacare-free” policies.

In addition to the Republican support for these plans, an even bigger problem in 2016 was an unprecedented drop in support by the GOP for Medicaid expansion — which would have required people with pre-existing conditions and other needs like asthma, diabetes, heart disease, stroke