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The Cursor class provides this ability, and can be turned off. This allows the user to control which cursor is available by giving the cursor a different name with the cmp() function.

It can be configured which cmp() cursor may be displayed when starting up the program.
Cursor_Cursor_Cursor_C_Resolution () { if (!cursor.GetClosed()) { cursor.Close() } return false; }


The Cursor_Cursor_Cursor_Cursor_Resolution function is responsible for the cursor positioning.

The cursor position is determined by the Cursor_Cursor_Cursor_Cursor_Size and in pixels.


Cursor : The cursor position that is the same width and height as a cursor is displayed. Values are in centimeters and degrees.

Duration : The duration of the cursor in milliseconds. A value of 30 seconds or milliseconds is used for an initial cursor stop.

Type : The name of the type of cursor that is in display when the cursor has been created.

Directional : A value of -1 indicates that the cursor cannot move with the cursor. This will be used to create a set of position points the cursor cannot move without moving.

Time : Position in milliseconds with or without