While the conversation these days is typically focused on how much remote working is going to be allowed in the future and whether the ‘work from home’ experiment will come to an abrupt end for some, the smartest, growth-focused folk think about it differently…

Location independence isn’t just about the ability to work from anywhere…It’s much more than that.

Being location independent is a lifestyle AND it’s a mindset.

And it’s this mindset that sets apart ‘those who have’ from ‘those who haven’t’; NOT simply whether you’re allowed to work from home, or not. The location independent mindset is…

A compelling drive towards building a life which enables freedom on ALL levels – of location, of unwanted ties that bind, of physical handcuffs, of emotional handcuffs.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a homeless, lonely, minimalist nomad wandering the world with nothing more than a carry-on backpack…

I have a home, a car, a loving partner, 2 kids + 2 bonus kids and all the trappings of a ‘settled’ life and yet I’m still location independent…Because I could – if I chose – head off to somewhere entirely different, knowing my income wouldn’t be impacted, my stuff would be safely stored, and I’d still be able to maintain my friendships, many of which are global already.

That’s very different from folk who’ve been thrust into the world of remote work and couldn’t imagine doing it from anywhere but home.

So how do you ‘be’ location independent versus a remote worker?

In almost two decades of being location independent, here’s what I’ve learned…

1. Get rid of the mental distinction you have between relationships built in person and those built online; one is not better than the other…

Some of my best friends and professional relationships have been made online, often with people I’ve not (yet) met in person.

It takes consistent – though doesn’t always have to be regular – effort and input to communicate (consciously, of course!) and build relationships (as it does in person).

2. Focus maximum efforts on building your professional life online…

Cultivate circles of interesting people doing interesting things in different fields (I think Twitter is great for this) and reach out to make connections with people you’d like to get to know better…then cultivate those relationships over the long term.

It helps if you’re doing something interesting too, or at least have interesting (and strong) opinions and things to say AND you’re saying them (again Twitter and, to some extent, LinkedIn are good for this).

3. The result of a robust and active online professional life should be a wealth of opportunities to earn your living online…

…Whether that’s by working remotely for others or figuring out how to do something yourself. My preference has always been the latter though my experience of remote work for others has always been illuminating!

4. Minimalism is absolutely NOT necessary, though it can make moving around easier if that’s what you choose to do…

Non-attachment to material stuff IS a big plus. Again, that doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things, it simply means they don’t rule your life and your attachment to having them doesn’t prevent you from moving on/around/forwards in life.

One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that being location independent somehow equates to being ‘remote’ or ‘distant’ or even ‘disconnected’ from people and things.

In reality, it’s quite the opposite…

When you’re location independent, you are often more consciously connected to the important people in your life, more technically connected to opportunities all over the globe, and more appreciatively connected to the belongings you choose to keep.

Becoming Location Independent

We help people become location independent, not just become good at working remotely. This means, we help you…

  • Cultivate a ‘location independent’ mindset, from the inside out.
  • Build an online world – personally and professionally – which works for you wherever you are in the world.
  • Get to grips with ALL the practicalities of being location independent, to make your life of freedom as hassle-free as possible.
  • Figure out and know what you don’t yet know about this lifestyle; nothing beats experience and I have almost 2 decades of it (both with & without children, both nomadic and more ‘settled’, both working for someone else and working for myself, and plenty more in between).

Consciously deciding to create and live a happy and successful location independent lifestyle is a choice FOR growth.

It isn’t for the faint of heart and requires a level of self awareness and a growth mindset that many people just don’t have or choose to cultivate. If you do, we can help…

My Approach

You can join all the Digital Nomad/Remote Work communities you want and they can be super helpful…especially hearing from a myriad of folk who’ve done what you want to do.

But nothing beats personal, private, 1 to 1 mentoring support. Why? Because a mentoring relationship is about being seen, being challenged, and being encouraged to be a location independent version of YOU. That doesn’t happen in the Remote Work Slack channels, the Digital Nomad forums and the Work Online Telegram groups.

It happens when you work with someone who sees what you can’t yet see, who knows what you don’t yet know, and who challenges you to grow into the person who will happily and successfully live the kind of location independent life that YOU want to create and live.

Mentoring Details:


  • 24 weeks of personal mentoring support while you create your own version of location independence.
  • 10 hours of video mentoring support to be used however you choose, over the course of 6 months (with a minimum session duration of 30 minutes).
  • Weekly email support to supplement your video calls.
  • Emergency Whatsapp access – if you hit the road during your 6 months – for ‘on the road’ SOS support.


  • We will meet on Zoom, Skype or Google Meet – whichever you prefer (and if you’d like to try all 3 to expand your online meeting skills, that’s cool too).
  • For brief, additional support in between your calls, you’re welcome to email outstanding questions or clarifications to help keep moving forwards. 
  • For SOS help – if you hit the road during your mentoring support – you’ll also be given my private Whatsapp details for emergency support.


  • Either £2,895 payable upfront.
  • Or a payment plan of £495 per month for 6 months.