Conscious Communication

Communication is EVERYTHING. It allows us to connect, to encourage, to empower, to influence, to control and much more.

When you’re location independent and have the freedom to work from anywhere, communicating online comes with its own unique challenges, much of which is discussed in remote working forums…which platforms are best? Asynchronous over synchronous? How much remote vs in-person? And more…

But if you ignore the tools, the platforms and the arguments for now, at the heart of every single communication is a person. And the quality of ALL communication is only ever as good as that person’s ability to communicate.   

 Just like all the other professional skills currently in your toolbox, communication can be learned, honed, and improved. Of course there are people who appear to be more charismatic and more skilful communicators than most but it is absolutely possible for everyone to improve the way they communicate…

What Is Conscious Communication?

Conscious communication is a way of communicating for maximum impact; it is based upon two key principles:

  • Consciously crafting your output – being highly intentional about the way YOU communicate to others.
  • Consciously responding to input – being aware of how you receive what OTHERS communicate to you.

As you learn to communicate more consciously, it means you are able to:

  • Better craft all your communication to maximise your impact.
  • Respond instead of react to others, skillfully using the PAUSE between a communication and your response.
  • Manage your feelings and emotions so they don’t drive your communication (since these tend to be irrational and unconscious, the very opposite of conscious communication!).

Professionally, communicating more consciously empowers you to:

  • More confidently share your ideas, opinions, thoughts.
  • Better connect with people, whether remotely or in person
  • Be seen, noticed and stand out, remotely and in person.
  • Have your contributions recognised and valued.
  • Feel more comfortable about the possibility of making mistakes.
  • Resolve and avoid unnecessary conflicts in the workplace.

…which ultimately puts you in a stronger, more powerful and influential position than those whose ability to communicate is lacking.

Nowhere is this more important than when you work remotely online, where your communication skills – both in writing and speaking – are fundamental in your ability to connect, to succeed, to have your work noticed and to stand out.

If you’d like to become a more skilful, influential and powerful communicator, we’ve created the Conscious Communication training course for you. 

The Conscious Communication Course

As soon as you join the Conscious Communication course, you’ll gain access to work through the following modules:

Course Modules:


In this module, you’ll:

  • Understand the Conscious Communication Philosophy (and craft your own), to give you a framework for improving ALL your communication.
  • Understand the challenges of working remotely and how conscious communication can help overcome these, to give you the confidence in being able to work remotely and still stand out.
The WHY of Conscious Communication

In this module, you’ll:

  • Learn about the distinct types of communication, and why this knowledge matters.
  • Understand how to identify your own WHY whenever you communicate.
  • Identify the impact of your WHY on the what, where, when and how you communicate.
  • Identify your own responses when others communicate with you.
The HOW + WHAT of Conscious Communication

In this module, you’ll:

  • Understand all the ways we communicate – verbally and non-verbally – and the impact each of these has.
  • Practice and hone your self awareness to understand why you sometimes react the way you react (which isn’t always useful!).
  • Learn the most common pitfalls of ineffective communication.
  • Learn and apply useful techniques for more persuasive language, conflict resolution and more.
  • Learn how to write well – in any format – online (one of THE fundamental skills for remote workers).
The WHEN + WHERE of Conscious Communication

In this module, you’ll:

  • Understand the importance of timing in effective and conscious communication.
  • Learn about the different platforms for effective communication online.
  • Learn how to most effectively use the different platforms for online communication.
  • Receive tips, tricks, hacks and valuable resources for communicating more consciously in your external and internal communications.

Course Details:


  • This is an online training course.
  • Each module includes video training, downloadable tools/templates/prompts and additional resources in the form of interviews and knowledge shared by handpicked communication experts.


  • The course is delivered by email and access to the course content is via a secure, online platform.
  • Each week, you’ll receive an email sharing access to the latest module; you will be given a private login to access the modules.


  • The course is designed to be experienced as a 4-week course, with 1 module per week. 
  • You are invited to take the course in your own time (unless this is part of your company’s training program), and you have access to the materials indefinitely.
  • The course launches on July 31st 2020.


  • The pre-launch fee for the course is £47; this is available for individuals until July 1st 2020.
  • The full course fee is £197; please get in touch, if you’d like to purchase group registration for your team/company.