Practising Conscious Communications Skills for Working Remotely

Communicate Skillfully

Communicate Online, Consciously & Skillfully, Wherever You Work From…

As a location independent professional, when you work remotely, communication is EVERYTHING 

It’s hard enough communicating effectively when you’re face to face and in the same room; when you’re location independent working with people all over the world, it’s a minefield for communication problems…

» Different countries, cultures & languages.

» Different values & belief systems.

» Easier to hide ‘real’ feelings, emotions and reactions.

» Easier to ignore & not respond from behind a screen.

» Ambiguity, misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

» No chance of random connections & conversations.

» Lack of or poor language and communication skills.

» Harder to see, read or feel peoples’ responses.

It isn’t just about what is communicated; it’s also about why, how, when and sometimes what’s not communicated. These are all key factors to get your message across effectively and avoid miscommunication or, worse still, being ignored completely.

Those who can communicate consciously and most skillfully online will stand out and succeed over others (even those with superior job skills and experience) whose communication skills are lacking.

We can help you communicate more consciously and skillfully online, to increase the influence and impact you have whenever you communicate with someone, no matter who or where they are.  

What We Do

We help you identify the root causes of communication breakdowns and what’s stopping you from communicating effectively online; we then teach you how to communicate more consciously and skillfully – through our Conscious Communication Online training program – to help get your message and impact across more effectively. We work with:

  • Companies & teams with remote workers to improve communication with team members at all levels.
  • Solopreneurs & freelancers to improve online communication with clients, customers, prospects & suppliers.

You Run A Company

If one of your team is struggling to communicate effectively, feeling unheard or causing unwanted friction within the team, we will help you identify what’s not working in the way they communicate currently, why it’s not working, and what you & they can do to resolve it, quickly. 

You're An Individual

If you feel that how you communicate is stopping you from getting where/what you want – whether you work for someone else or yourself –  we can help you figure out what’s not working in the way you communicate currently, why it’s not working and help you fix it, quickly.

How We Work

We have a 3-step process to resolve any online communication problems you’re currently facing , whether you work in a company, work for yourself or run a company. 


1. Identify

In this first step, we will analyse HOW you currently communicate online – both in written format and verbally. We will identify what’s preventing you from communicating effectively and help you understand why.

You’ll receive a written summary report, as well as an online video consultation  to talk you through our findings. 

2. Improve

Once we’ve identified what’s stopping you from communicating well online, we recommend the “Conscious Communication Online” training program, to improve every aspect of the way you communicate online.

You’ll receive unlimited access to our training materials, for 12 months, including all new materials created.


3. Impact

As you put your training and new skills into practice, we can be on hand to help you tweak and refine the way you communicate online to ensure you’re having the impact you want from the way you’re now communicating.

Where additional training is required, you’ll receive access to one of our special modules to boost your skills.

Start Here

If you’d like to understand what’s going wrong in the way you or one of your team communicates to address it on your own or with our support, we recommend starting with step 1 – Identify – which can be booked as a stand-alone service. Here’s what will happen…

1. We’ll be in touch with a list of what we need from you to conduct our analysis; this will include samples of the ways in which you currently communicate – email, online messages, etc. – and to schedule an initial 30-minute consultation to talk through your concerns and challenges.

2. We’ll conduct our analysis, send you a written report and then invite you to book a consultation to walk through our findings, and share some practical resources to help you instantly improve the way you communicate online.

3. You will also receive an invite to take our forthcoming “Conscious Communications Online” training course at an introductory, client-only rate when it launches.

Book your Analysis & Review at an introductory fee of £197 (the regular fee is £497).