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Become A Leader: Start A Circle

While you are more than welcome to travel to my Local Circle in Newark (UK), or any of the other circles already up and running, if no Location Independent Circle exists where you live, it might be easier and more practical to just start your own Local Circle! That way you still get to become a part of what we’re doing around the world, right on your own doorstep!  

Even if you don’t currently consider yourself a ‘leader’, we encourage you to step into a role which we hope you’ll find hugely motivating and empowering for YOU. The role of Circle Leader is designed to ENHANCE your own (ad)ventures, not detract from them…

There is no cost to becoming a Circle Leader nor is there a financial gain – this is an ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY POSITION. We assume as a Circle Leader, you are doing this because first and foremost it meets a need for you – socially, emotionally and perhaps professionally too.

Why Start A Circle?

Starting a circle in your area as part of the Location Independent Circle community can have many benefits to you and others. Starting a local Circle can help you:

  • Find and connect with more like-minded people in your local area who share similar values and who you may not have met otherwise.
  • Expand your sense of global community by connecting with our wider community of Circles around the world.
  • Get support, feedback and input to move forward your own ventures and projects – personal and professional, both from local and global members.
  • Learn how to create and hold a space for other members.
  • Take a more active part and a more proactive role in your local community.
  • Dip your toe in the ‘leadership’ waters, fully supported by a community of other experienced leaders and those also experiencing leadership for the first time.
  • Have a safe space to practise leadership skills and develop your own personal leadership style, supported by guidelines and a team of people when you need them.
  • Be a part of something bigger than you, without needing to start from scratch on your own.
  • Improve technical skills which may be useful for progressing your own projects online, e.g. if you want to, you’ll learn how to do online video (shoot, edit, create and produce), learn how to use Slack (our online chat platform), and more.

If you decide to start a local Circle, you’ll receive our full support to do this, which means we will:

  • Share our leadership lessons learned and best practices for what it takes to set up and grow a Local Circle, based upon our (and others’) experiences, to help you avoid potential pitfalls and minimise stress.
  • Work with you to get your Local Circle set up and help provide resources – what to say to people, how to invite people, etc. – to help you start and grow your Local Circle.
  • Invite you to become a member of the Location Independent Inner Circle, which is comprised of our steering group and your fellow Circle Leaders to connect with other leaders, share your leadership challenges, and improve your leadership skills.

What You’ll Be Doing As A Circle Leader

As a Circle Leader, to keep your own Circle running smoothly and in alignment with other Circles globally, we encourage you to do the following:

  • Find like-minded people – who also agree with our Circle Code and are in alignment with our overall aims for the Location Independent community  – for your local Circle and invite them to join your Local Circle using the online group we’ll set up for you. (Note: We will first show you how to use this, so you know what you’re doing!).
  • Encourage members to discuss the themes which we suggest, and which are designed to help all of you to further your own personal development and progress your own ventures. We will provide resources to help you introduce and discuss the suggested themes, and will help initiate these discussions in the online Local Circle (as well as the online Global Circle). These themes are used globally, across all Circles, to encourage sharing and broaden and deepen the conversation.
  • Keep your Local Circle (and the Global Circle) a ‘promotion-free’ zone; this is NOT your typical business networking group and is not a place for members to promote their services/products to other members. We will have specifically designated channels for promoting what you do in the online Circles, both locally and globally, and all promotional activities must remain within these channels.  (Aside from the designated channels for this).
  • Take full and sole responsibility for protecting your own safety and security both in the online forums and during any off-line (in-person) meetings. As a Circle Leader, you will be inviting people to join your Local Circle – please be sensible, take the same precautions as you would in any other online or in-person situation when providing information to, or arranging to meet, someone you may not know well, or know at all.
  • Help promote the shared vision and benefits of Location Independent Circles and what we hope to achieve though the community, and act in the best interests of your Local Circle and the wider Location Independent Circle community.
  • Provide feedback, input and support to fellow Circle Leaders and the Steering Group as part of the Inner Circle.


In return for being given access to our resources and any of our and your fellow members confidential information that we or they choose to share with you, you promise that, even after you cease to be a member of any Circle, you will:

  • Protect your privacy and the privacy of your fellow members (both locally and globally) by keeping confidential information shared with you, confidential and private and by not using it for any purposes other than those for which it was share with you.
  • Keep any intellectual property, confidential information or resources we share with you in your role as Circle Leader solely for use as a Circle Leader.

As we said above, this is an ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY POSITION. We hope that you choose to do this because – first and foremost – it meets a need for you and will help you grow, nurture and deepen your own sense of community, locally and globally.

As a Circle Leader, you will not become an employee or have any rights to act as our agent – e.g. by making any statements or expressing views or opinions not previously approved by Lea Woodward. Neither will you be authorised to enter into any binding arrangements (including incurring any expenses) on behalf of Location Independent and/or Lea Woodward.

We reserve the right to update these terms at any time by giving you not less than 1 week’s notice, which may be given by means of a post in the Circle Leaders Channel on Slack. Your continued use of our platform after the notice period expires will be deemed evidence of your acceptance of these updates.

We’re currently working on getting the first 10 Circles set up and after this, we’ll be in a stronger position to provide support to help others do this. If you’d like to set up your own Local Circle, do get in touch and we’ll keep you in the loop!