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Who This Is For

Joining a Location Independent Circle is for women who share the values of freedom, community and empowerment.

We’re building this community for women who…

  • Feel isolated, alone and lonely even though it may not look that way to others, from the outside.
  • Want something (time, money, a project, a career, a business) for themselves.
  • Feel like no-one really ‘gets’ them, including (especially?) family and their immediate circle.
  • Are comfortable on Facebook (or elsewhere online) but may have only used it to connect with ‘actual’, ‘real life’ friends or blasts from the past so far, and not to meet any new, like-minded folk.
  • Want to push beyond their current boundaries – physical, emotional, mental – which are beginning to feel limiting.
  • Are curious about how to become good friends/colleagues with someone they’ve met online but never in real life.
  • Want the grown-up, 21st century version of pen pals 🙂

Joining a Location Independent Circle is most definitely for you if:

  • You’re done with the BS; yours and other people’s!
  • Your children mean the world to you but you realise they aren’t your entire world, and you now want something more for yourself.
  • You’re ready to start exploring what greater freedom means to you AND you want to actually do something about achieving that.
  • You’d like to experience a greater sense of community, no matter where you are in the world.
  • You’ve had enough of just talking (and the same old conversations); you’re ready to start doing.
  • You want to find and cultivate a strong Circle of women around you, who are supportive, loyal, and authentic. And willing to be vulnerable.
  • You’re willing to step out from behind your defence mechanisms and excuses and start making changes, however small to begin with.
  • You want to talk about how we, as women, can reclaim and redefine what it means to be feminine and stand in that power, strongly and proudly.

What This Is

We are, in essence, a network of local communities around the world – Location Independent Circles (LICs, for short!) – connected in the real world and online by the shared values of: 

  • Freedom: To choose, freely, what works best for ourselves, our families, and our community.
  • Empowerment: Supporting ourselves and each other to achieve more freedom and find a greater sense of belonging.
  • Community: Recognising that we are all stronger together, than alone.

We meet regularly – primarily online and also in person – locally and globally, though this isn’t just the same old kind of networking group which meets to socialise or ‘network’ superficially, we are more action-oriented, progressive and focused than that.

How You’ll Benefit

As a member of our Circle – at any level, local or global – I hope that you will:

  • Find the missing piece of the puzzle for you, whether that’s establishing more roots locally or expanding your horizons globally.
  • Finally feel like you’ve found your people and experience a sense of true belonging.
  • Make friends with folk you might not actually meet for years, and realise this won’t negatively affect your friendship in the slightest.
  • Make consistent progress towards a long-held goal of yours, whether that’s personally or professionally.
  • Recognise the power of having connections with a wider circle of women around the world to support your journey.
  • Discover that being friends online is just as ‘real’ as being friends in the real world.
  • Integrate the people you meet locally with the people you meet globally, as you connect around your shared experiences.
  • Gain the confidence to develop your tech (and other) skills in a safe, supportive and understanding environment.
  • Find people who will encourage you to take action, and won’t let you hide behind always being the one who supports others.
  • See how life-changing being an active part of an online world can be, for you and your family.
  • Experience a journey of self discovery, surrounded by a community of women committed to the same, no matter where we all are on our journeys.
  • Make an impact, at whatever level and size is meaningful to you. 

In short, I want you to experience for yourself, the life-changing impact that my online world has had for me. And then some! 

How This Works

A Location Independent Circle can be formed in any village, town, city or region. If you can’t find an existing Circle, do consider starting your own – we have resources to help and can share what’s worked well and what hasn’t, from our own experiences of doing this.

Circles are structured as follows:

  • As soon as you join, you’ll become a member of your local online Circle – this is your ‘hub’, to connect with other local members and keep in touch whenever you choose. 
  • You’ll also become a member of the global online Circle – this is where you’ll be able to meet Circle members from all over the world, and where we’ll share the monthly resources, updates and additional learning/training opportunities.
  • Local Circle members can choose to meet socially ‘in person’ whenever they choose, to experience the full benefit of the online/offline dynamics of building and deepening relationships.
  • There is no minimum size for a Local Circle though we aim to keep membership under 30 for each Circle; we suggest the optimum number is somewhere between 5 and 30 Explorers, at any one time. 

What Happens In A Circle?

When you first join a Circle, we encourage you to set a goal and work towards something specific – this could be a personal or professional goal, it’s your choice. It can be a short, medium or long term goal though you’ll likely find the maximum benefit if it’s something you’d like to achieve within the next year.

Setting this goal is to keep you focused on benefitting not just from the social, support and community aspect of being surrounded by fellow Circle Explorers, but also on your own progression and development.

Every month, at the local and global level, we explore a theme to help you work towards your goal. The themes are designed to help us each explore key aspects of our selves, our lives and our careers, with a focus on encouraging deep conversations at a local level and the Global Circle is also accessible if you’d like to continue, expand or deepen your perspective, conversation and exploration with fellow global Explorers.

We also hold monthly “Inner Circle Intensives” – designed to help you accelerate your progress through additional support, exploration and coaching through webinars, ‘live’ sessions, intensive online training courses and more. These are optional, unless you choose the Full Circle membership.

Where Do Local Circles Exist?

We are currently setting up the initial round of Location Independent Circles in the following areas:

  • Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  • Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, UK
  • Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada

If no local Circle currently exists near you, you are welcome to set one up yourself (with our full support) or join an existing local Circle; we can even ‘zoom’ you in to ‘in person’ meetings, when possible. We currently have a number of ‘virtual’ members in my local Circle (Newark-on-Trent) who participate in our local online Circle and attend our offline meet-ups ‘virtually’. 

The specifics of how a Local Circle Reunion is run is up to the Circle Leader and her fellow Explorers; while you will primarily ‘meet’ online, you may choose to meet for a meal, a coffee or just a chat, to continue your conversations and Circle ‘work’ in person. While meet-ups offline are entirely optional, we know the impact that meeting in-person can have on a relationship built primarily online, and would encourage you to consider how you strengthen and deepen any local (and global!) connections you make. 

The Circle Leader will introduce the theme for the month – both online and in-person – and how your Local Circle chooses to explore the theme is is up to you! We are happy to make suggestions, provide prompts or more structure if needed, but your Local Circle is YOUR space, and you are free to choose what works best.

Note: If you consider yourself a leader, you would like to be or would simply like to set up a Circle in your area, click here for how we can help you do this.

Become A Circle Explorer

As a sign of your commitment – both to your own cause and to the community – we levy small membership fees to join our Circles. The memberships are designed to be affordable to as many people as possible and we also encourage a “Buy One, Gift One” ethos – if you’d like to pay for an additional membership on top of your own, we can make that available to someone who can’t afford the fees, either anonymously or in your name.

Circle Membership

Membership of the online Global Circle group, to connect with fellow Explorers wherever you are in the world!

Membership of up to THREE online Local Circles – useful if you're planning to travel and want to research or connect with local folk before you arrive, or you already have a connection with a place and would like to maintain that connection even if you can't be there 'in person'.

Optional access to Inner Circle Intensives – our monthly training resources (webinars, group coaching, intensive online courses, and more) for an additional fee, to help you accelerate your progress.


£7 per month