A Yankee drove a Nissan Frontier 1.6 million miles

A Yankee drove a Nissan Frontier 1.6 million miles.

In two thousand seven years, Brian Murphy bought a Nissan Frontier (the equivalent of a Navara) and since then has traveled more than one million miles (or 1.6 million kilometers). Nissan’s press service told us that Murphy often spends an average of thirteen hours a day behind the wheel.

At the 7 hundred and 20 5 thousand miles “Nissan” was required to replace the unique generator and radiator, 1.12 million miles – the timing chain. And after 1.28 million miles, Murphy changed the clutch of the five-speed manual transmission. The driver’s seat had lasted about eight hundred thousand kilometers before it was replaced.

Nissan thanked Murphy for “illustrating the durability and reliability of the Frontier” and gave him a new Nissan Frontier. In the meantime, the “record-breaking” pickup went to the company’s Smyrna, Tennessee, plant as an exhibit – where the pickup was assembled thirteen years ago.

According to the 62-year-old driver, the old pickup runs great as before. He didn’t rule out the possibility of driving a million miles in a new car (but thought about reducing the length of his working day).

The new Frontier has not changed from the outside, but it has a 3.8-liter V6 with more than three hundred horsepower.с., all-wheel drive and 9-speed automatic transmission.

Video: Brian Murphy and his Frontier Millionaire

Previously, Nissan showed the cabin of a tiny crossover Magnite, which should be the most affordable model on the Indian market. A Lada designer invented a sports car concept for Nissan. As http://gh.hot-line.shop/ a base he took “Sylvia”, whose creation ended almost 20 years ago.

Nissan has decided to bring the Nissan Ariya electric car to Russia. Residents of the country of the rising sun promised not to delay the delivery of the new electronic crossover.

Peugeot 1007

Peugeot 1007.

The premiere of the unusual car Peugeot one thousand seven was accomplished in two thousand and two years. It was only a concept car and its name was Sesame. It is 4-seater minivan has been designed on the platform of Citroen C2 hatchback. The main feature of this car was electric sliding doors, which was an innovation for cars of this class. In addition, the doors could be opened remotely. The body design of the model was developed in the Italian atelier Pininfarina. The exterior of the car was perfected in the Peugeot studio under the direction of Gerard Welte. The design of the door “Sesame” allowed not only to achieve ease of parking in a confined space, but also provided additional security. Thanks to almost all of this, the Peugeot one thousand seven managed to get five stars in the EuroNCAP crash-tests. Sales of the model in Russia began in two thousand five years. The car was equipped with one of the 2 engines: a 75-horsepower 1.4 liter unit and a 109-horsepower engine with a working volume of 1.6 liters. The creation of the minivan ended in two thousand nine years. The prerequisite for this was a small volume of sales of the Peugeot 1007. The French manufacturer managed to implement only 100 20 thousand copies of the model.

Technical features of the Peugeot 1007.

3-door station wagon.

width one 826mm length three 731mm height one 620mm clearance 120mm seats 4.

Engine Cost Fuel Drive Consumption Up to a hundredth of a mile Max. Addiitional information related to book of ra slot com. speed 1.4 MT (70 l.с.) DT Frontal 3.8.4 MT (75 l.с.) AI-95 Frontal 5.2.6 AT (110 L.с.) AI-95 Frontal 5.4.

Peugeot 1007 test drives.

Small cars. Ordinary city hatchbacks. Manufacturers have taken a completely different approach to their creation than before. Just 10 years ago, representatives of this sector were simply unpretentious small cars with cramped interiors. Later, to add interior space, manufacturers began to increase the height of the body (examples include “Hyundai Getz” и “Citro¸n C3”). And the latest trend among small hatchbacks is the emergence of models with a minivan body shape. There’s more of them. In Russia, five models of this plan are officially on sale. And they all entered the market within the last year. The trend is clear.

A mad geneticist’s dream: to cross a pony with a Percheron so that the resulting horse would hardly eat, would not take up enough space in the stable, and would carry loads to the envy of another ox. In fact, Peugeot has managed to do something similar with the car, presenting a completely new concept of a small-sized small car for a big city. The 1007 is shorter than even such city models as the VW Polo or the Peugeot 206. The car feels at ease on the traffic jammed streets, and can park on the piazza. But thanks to the particularly large width (at the level of a business class model!;) and good height in terms of interior dimensions, the “1007” is comparable with cars of higher ranks. Practicality of the debutant also increases the fact that its interior is co-operated minivan-style correctly.. In general, all this you notice later, first attention is drawn to another attraction of the “1007. These are unique sliding doors, one on each side.

Best brake pads 2020: ranking and review.

When it comes to maintenance items on our vehicle, one of the most important components to look out for is the brake pads. Having high quality brake pads can save you an accident and should be replaced regularly. Unfortunately, buying brake pads can be cumbersome and tedious as there are hundreds of options available on the market, covering a wide range of prices.

1 When to change the brake pads 2 NRS Brakes Galvanized Brake Pads, front 3 Brembo Brake Pads 4 ACDelco Advantage Ceramic Rear Brake Pads (14D698CH) 5 Wagner QuickStop Ceramic https://jiji.co.rw/kigali/cars/2004-lexus-rx330-uLjbajovXCz6m4wuuGsXXERb.html Front Brake Pads (ZD465A) 6 Bosch QuietCast Premium Ceramic Rear Brake Pads (BC905) 7 ACDelco Professional Ceramic Front Brake Pads (17D1367CH) 8 Akebono ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set (ACT1089) 9 Power Stop Z23 Evolution Sport Front Brake Pads 10 KFE Ultra Quiet Advanced Premium Ceramic Front Brake Pads (KFE914-104) 11 Centric Posi Quiet Ceramic Brake Pads (105.0923)

When to change brake pads.

As we said, brake pads are extremely important when it comes to the safety of your vehicle. They are a key component to effectively and quickly decelerating your vehicle, and you will probably know when it is time to replace your brake pads because braking performance will decrease markedly.

Unfortunately, there are no predefined periods of time when your brake pads need to be replaced, as this naturally depends on the operating mode and driving style, as well as the type of brake pads. However, as a rule, most companies recommend a replacement within two years.

We’ve handpicked the best brake pads on the market for 2020, and detailed specifications here and here. Although most of them are not cheap, they will be the guarantor of our safety. In addition, the better the pad, the longer the brake disc will last. And the price of a brake disc clearly does not correspond to the price of even the most expensive set of pads.

NRS Brakes Galvanized Brake Pads, front.

It seems like an obvious thing, but galvanized steel

What is galvanization and why is it important for brakes? Galvanizing is a process that covers all steel with zinc to combat corrosion. Modern brake pads, especially in the aftermarket, tend to be painted or not finished at all. Since water and dust can easily penetrate the pads, this leads to premature wear and may even lead to complete delamination when the friction pad is detached from the backing plate.

NRS Brakes galvanized steel ensures that the steel does not wear out and gives the friction pad the ability to fully wear, making it the most durable brake pad on the market. NRS Brakes uses the patented SHARK-Metal technology to mechanically attach the friction pad to the plate instead of simple glue.

The benefit is twofold: Canadian NRS pads can outlast traditional models and offer quieter performance and improved braking performance. What’s more, the company tests all of its pads outside of the manufacturer’s standards.

Brembo Brake Pads.

Brembo remains one of the most respected and renowned brands in the brake kit industry. Therefore, if you are looking for the best performance pads, Brembo is recommended. Specializing in brake components, Brembo brake pads are designed and engineered to increase stopping power, helping to minimize stopping distances while offering quiet and safe braking.

Many of the company’s products feature Brembo’s signature red metal base ESE (elastomer

The four best TVs with 3D support

The four best 3D-enabled TVs.

Large image reconstruction technologies, which have become very popular among cinema-goers, have been intensively adopted by household TV manufacturers. At present the TV models with polarizing and shutter 3D technology are equally widespread. The difference between them is manifested in image quality (shutter it is higher) and the price of the device. This rating will allow you to understand the model variety of TVs with 3D support, identifying on the basis of user reviews more successful models.

3D TV which company to choose.

The lion’s share of the TV market of this type are companies from the Land of the Rising Sun and South Korea, although Philips is trying to keep up with them in terms of innovations. Let us briefly list the peculiarities of each manufacturer:

1. Sony. The company is usually known for an amazing quality of assembling devices, a good technical equipment and unique design solutions.

2. LG. In the context of our ranking can be considered a favorite, because the quality of big picture in LG TV sets is considered the best.

3. Самсунг. Even economical models of Самсунг TVs are equipped with modern technological solutions. The company offers the most affordable 3D TVs on the market.

4. Philips. Philips has always been well balanced in its products. Philips TVs boast stunning picture quality in both 2D and 3D modes.

The best 3D TVs with polarization technology.

Polarization, in other words, the passive development of 3D is based on the use of a special film applied to the surface of the screen, dividing a single image into two frames. Thus, wearing 3D glasses, the user will create the left eye frame, collected from the even numbered lines of the screen, and the right – respectively a frame of odd lines. A similar approach does not take a significant configuration in the construction of the device and puts overestimated requirements for screen refresh rate, which means that the price of television with polarizing 3D will not be significantly higher than that of the basic model. But splitting the image reduces the resolution of the viewed video, reducing its brightness, which ultimately leads to poor 3D quality.

The most affordable 3D TV.

LG 32LF620U TV, equipped with a 32-inch screen, is one of the cheapest 3D-enabled devices.


Small price tag; High quality screen with a refresh rate of five hundred fifty PMI; Good sound quality; Presence of 2D to 3D conversion function; There are tuners for receiving digital and analog broadcasting channels;


Small diagonal, which does not allow you to fully appreciate the effect of 3D; Screen resolution of only 1366×768; When you convert the image quality drops significantly.

Judging by the reviews of users LG 32LF620U, this device is not only a high-quality representative of the economic price sector. Thanks to excellent technical equipment and support for 3D technology, this TV will give the user a new feeling while watching video in high definition.

TV with better price to performance ratio.

Unlike its predecessor, LG 49LF640V has no shortcomings inherent in the economy models, while its price remains applicable.


High-quality assembly, concise and pleasant design, high-quality matrix with Full HD resolution, large diagonal, one hundred percent reveals the ability to 3D, the presence of conversion functions 2D in 3D, the presence of a fully operating system webOS, development of SmartTV, support for all formats of digital broadcasting, a large set of external connectors.


Small margin for adjustment of contrast and backlighting; At times there are problems when playing 4K-video; Frequency of scanning does not exceed 50Hz; Little delay when working with the menu.

LG 49LF640V, thanks to a good 49-inch screen and supports 3D, perfectly manages the role of the home theater, with all this at a comparably low price.

The best 3D TVs with shutter technology.

A similar type of television reproduces a three-dimensional image by sequentially displaying a frame for each eye. At this time, the viewer must wear glasses that open and close the vision on the left and right eyepieces synchronously with the refresh rate of the screen. To coordinate the TV and glasses uses a wireless or infrared signal, unlike the passive glasses active need batteries. Televisions with 3D shutter type requires a higher refresh rate matrix, otherwise the frame change is LATOSENSU from Portuguese to English visible.

The most affordable 3D TV with shutter technology.

The Самсунг UE40H6400 screen is the most popular 40-inch size allowing you to enjoy videos in 3D. The technical properties of the device meets modern requirements, and its price profitably differs in comparison with models from other manufacturers with a similar set of functions.


Picture and sound; Good quality of 3D video playback; Thin frame around the screen, nice design; Not bad implementation of the video conversion from 2D to 3D; The presence of a media player that can play videos in any format; Full set of connectors for connecting external devices; Low price.


Small margin for adjustment of brightness; From time to time there is a freezing image, the appearance of relics; Some users have difficulty with the menu.

Judging by the reviews of owners of Самсунг UE40H6400, this device one hundred percent satisfied their needs as a media center. The presence of 3D-function is a nice addition, its implementation does not cause complaints.

The best 3D TVs with 4K resolution.

The general introduction of household televisions with high definition matrix has revolutionized the field of multimedia entertainment. Development of 3D in conjunction with detailed video allows you to get maximum enjoyment, makes you feel the reality of what is happening on the display. It should be noted that buying a similar type of TV, do not save – perfectly and smoothly play video in 4K resolution is capable only of a device equipped with a productive microprocessor and matrix, made according to the latest technological standards.

4K-TV with the best performance level.

The Sony KD-55X8505B model is armed with a 55-inch LED matrix and has a reference picture quality. The price tag on this TV may seem a bit steep, but its technical abilities fully comply with the price.


High-quality screen with a good margin of brightness and contrast; UHD video playback is smooth, HDR development supported; Original design solution; Output of digital sound in 5.1; Support for all common formats of digital and analog broadcasting; responsive menu; play 3D-video with the highest level of clarity and detail.


The highest price, in some cases, there are all kinds of deviations balance white.

Sony KD-55X8505B TV can be advised to users who prefer the most modern technology. Flawless picture in 2D and 3D modes, in fact, has no rivals.