Community, Belonging & Freedom

No Matter Where You Live

The real power of being location independent is NOT about travel at all; it’s about the ability to connect with opportunities far beyond our local borders, it’s about finding a sense of belonging with our right people, and it’s about experiencing freedom…no matter where we live.

But perhaps you’re already reeling off a list of reasons why it’s not right for you…

“I’m not technical enough”
“I don’t have any useful skills”
“Online friends aren’t real friends”
“I don’t even want to travel”
“I have no idea where to start”
“I don’t trust technology”
“I have kids”
“I’m too scared”

Let me tell you a little bit about myself…

I'm a single mother of two young children...

Since 2005, I've found almost all of my closest friends, lovely clients and supportive colleagues online...

And still haven't met some of them in person. Yet.

Without my online world, I'd feel isolated, alone and a misfit in my home town...

With my online world, I feel supported by like-minded people who know me, get me and 'see' me, from wherever they are in the world.

Find Your Community

Join a local Circle of like-minded women and connect with members of our Circles all around the globe.

You’ll explore what greater freedom means to you and how the support of a community – online and offline, local and global – can make all the difference to you.

Experience the true power of community & belonging as you work on moving forward with your own goals and adventures, whether these are personal or professional.

Improve Your Skills

If you feel your technical skills let you down and are one of the main barriers to you ‘being’ more online, we can help.

We hold regular lessons, workshops and courses – online and in-person – for our Circle members, with many included in your membership fees supplemented by optional extras, should you want to move faster, more in-depth and have more hands-on support. 

Note: We are VERY used to working with technophobes 🙂 

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