Become Location Independent

...Build World Class Skills To Live & Work From Anywhere.

What We Do

Whether you’re a co-founder/business owner, self employed or employee, we help you build exceptional skills to live and work from anywhere. And we can help your company develop a world class ‘remote work’ skillset to build the workforce of the future. 

When you’re location independent and work from anywhere (or you want to), a few skills become even more important than usual. To stand out and succeed, you need: 

Conscious communication

Conscious Communication

» because communicating – especially online – can lead to misunderstandings, misinterpretations and miscommunications.

Time management and productivity

Time Management & Productivity

» because more flexibility also requires you to proactively make it work for yourself, so you don’t end up working even more.

Self awareness and motivation

Self Awareness & Growth

» because location independence requires a growth mindset and you don’t yet know what you don’t yet know!