Become Location Independent...

We will teach you the core skills you need to work from anywhere, and help you gain the confidence to enter the remote workforce successfully.

I Want To Work Remotely For Someone Else

Learn everything you need to know to secure your first remote job and be successfully location independent.

What We Offer

Online Classes & Live Support

Access our courses in a way that works for you – whether that’s completing recorded lessons online when your kids are asleep, or attending live classes. We also provide on-demand mentoring to help you be successful.

Financial, Emotional & Practical Support

We’re here to support you in ALL aspects of working online that can trip people up unexpectedly – from how to figure out a work routine that suits you, to how to build a social life when you no longer go into an office.

Community & Connections

 “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” . We not only teach you the ‘what’, we will also connect you with the ‘who’ – mentors, coaches, recruiters and more to help you stay connected online in all the ways that matter.

Making Remote Work Accessible

One of the biggest hurdles for many when accessing this level of knowledge and support is the cost; we want to remove that barrier and use creative financing strategies to help you fund your own education and success. These include:

  • Pay What You Can: While we set a minimum fee, we invite you to pay what you can commensurate with the value you receive from what you learn.
  • Minimal investment to get started: You can get started by investing as little as £50, with the rest payable upon completion.
  • Pay It Forward: Give the gift of education and freedom by paying forward the tuition fees for someone else or ‘get one, gift one’ (only pay 50% of the second set of tuition fees).
  • Sponsorships: If you and your company are passionate about bringing more diverse experiences and voices back into the workforce, we invite you to provide sponsored places on any of our courses.

We are open to creative ways of funding the education of as many people who want to work online and work remotely as possible. Please get in touch with our team if you have a proposal to discuss.