After several years of neglect – not to mention a divorce, a new same-sex relationship and beginning to explore a dark, hidden part of my past which I’ve denied for years – it’s time to reboot this website!

There are themes I want to explore and things I want to create – for myself and for others. Some of them are themes that are raw, difficult and unknown to me because I have no clear sense of them.

One of these themes is on Belonging…

As someone who was adopted from birth, interracially, and outside of the country of my genetic origin – and then raised halfway round the world – I have no clear sense of belonging. I’m not sure I have ever had a clear sense of what it means to belong…

  • I have always kept myself on the edges of social groups – flitting in, not fitting in.
  • I have never really felt a sense of ‘home’ anywhere.
  • I hate the question “Where do you come from?”

Despite being pretty good with words, I can’t actually describe what it means to belong and as my therapist paraphrased for me “I wouldn’t know belonging if it hit me in the face”!!!

What does this have to do with location independence?

This website – the project, the theme, the lifestyle – has been a major part of my life and story so far. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I went on a multi-year quest to find a ‘home’ only to end up back where I started!!!

Nor do I think it’s a coincidence that this sense of belonging is a sensitive topic for many people drawn to the location independent lifestyle – the apparent freedom, choice and the ‘no strings/no attachments’ mindset.

I suspect that belonging is a sense, a feeling, that many of us crave and have found elusive in our journeys so far. Part of the reboot is an ongoing quest to explore what belonging means. And to create it for myself and others.